How to book a session on 

one of The Lost Islands!

Go to

You will see a calendar view. Section 1 of the view is the list of active Islands for booking

Section 2. Will indicate if there are islands that are closed for the day

Section 3 indicates a scheduled session. The color of the block will correspond with the Island color in section one. In this case, these blocks are light blue, that means these sessions are for Beach City. 

Click on the session you wish to book. The calendar should default to your time zone. If it doesn’t you can change the time zone by clicking on the bottom right corner. 

When you click the session a pop-up will come up. You can see the date, time  and duration of the session, and the island that you are booking for. 

Your tour guide will be listed there as well, so be ready for a facebook message from that guide shortly before your session begins. 

Under description you will see a link to our rules, please read those rules and be familiar with them. 

Where you see the highlighted area that says “Signed up:0/3” that means that there are 3 spots open and 0 people have signed up.

Before you commit to signing up for a session, please be sure you will be available and will be somewhere with a good internet connection for the session. You must be available 20 minutes before the session. Check all your messages and be sure to check in the spam folder as well. If a guide can’t get a hold of you within 10 mins of the session, they may move to another person. 

Click the Signup Button


You must add your name here EXACTLY as it appears on Facebook or our guide will not be able to find you for your session. We will reach out for you ONLY on facebook messenger because we add you to a group chat with the other tourists. If your name does not appear here exactly as it is on Facebook, our guide will move on to another person.  You must be a member of our Facebook group in order for us to find you and message you.

Once you are signed up. Just be ready to go for your session 20 mins before it begins. Our guide will reach out to you via FB Messanger.


Atlantis – 

Beach City – 

Luna Bay – 

Leaf – 

Runeterra – (Open for random sessions)

Offline now but click for recordings