Hello Lost Islanders! I wanted to write to give you an update on all the things happening here at The Lost Islands. As the world starts going back to it’s new normal, you will likely be seeing some changes to the island lineup here at TLI. Our Island owners need to be available to open up their switches to us, in order for the islands to be hosted, and they also need to be available if the DODO code goes down to re-open for us. As people begin going back into work full time, we may see a change in availability of islands.

As you may or may not know, I am not just a founder here at TLI, I am also an Island owner (along with my husband). We own Leaf, Jackieland, Wakanda and Funtime. Typically we use Jackieland and Wakanda as back up islands if they are needed and we use Funtime sporadically for events, but Leaf was our very first clothing catalog island and has remained a constant here at TLI. Unfortunately due to myself and my husband going back to work full time, Leaf is going to be retiring at the end of this week! I KNOW, I KNOW, Try to hold back those tears!!!! No more SPOOPY Island to visit!!!

But wait!!!

Don’t be sad because one of our amazing members is currently creating another clothing catalog island to replace Leaf and it will have ALL the same items! and don’t forget Winnieland also has all of the same items as Leaf. We wouldn’t let you guys suffer that way! That being said, If you want to bid Leaf farewell, don’t forget to try to schedule a session there this week. There is always a chance it will pop up every now and then as a backup island, it just won’t be in regular rotation anymore.

The new Clothing island is called Pine Grove and it should be ready to be opened as soon as Leaf is closing so keep your eyes out!

also Paddywack! has gotten a facelift… Okay, a total re-do. Jenn has completely started over and Paddywack will now become Lotus Cove, Still a furniture Island just a totally new theme! Keep your eyes out for that change as well.

and Finally Atlantis 2 has also retired, due to the owner working on becoming A DOCTOR! I think you’d be shocked to find out who the people are behind the islands you visit!

As always, thank you for your continued support of this amazing family, thank you for being a part of a community that gives back and supports each other in probably one of the most wholesome ways! I couldn’t have made it through this pandemic with this amazing group and without all of YOU