Getaway Guidelines

  • You must arrive with empty pockets. For clothing islands, you must be sure your character is not equipped with clothing or accessories (this includes wands).

  • Your guide will be adding you to the boarding area (Facebook group chat) with other visitors, so please make sure to check your message/requests/spam. You will have 5 minutes to claim your ticket (respond) or your guide will need to move on to the next person waiting on stand-by.

  • Respect your guide and the island. Please listen to and follow all rules your guide gives you in the group chat.

  • Please fly in to the island in the order set out by the guide.

  • Once you land, you must send your guide a photo of your empty inventory at the entrance of the island in the group chat.

  • Please only pick up/catalog one section at a time and please place all items back neatly where you got them.

  • Your guide will be using the in-game timer to tell you when there is five (5) minutes remaining for your getaway/session. Please drop your items by the end of the timer and meet back at the airport.

  • You must send your guide another photo of your empty inventory in the group chat once you are back by the island entrance, and wait for your guide’s instructions in regards to your flight home.
  • If you experience any turbulence (technical issues) during your session, your host will ask you to provide them with connection information. If your connection is not fast enough, the host will remove you from the getaway/session. If there is a disconnect and the island owner is not able to reset the island, you will have to try again for another session. Our tour guides do this to give back to the community, and each guide reserves the right to remove you from a session if they feel you have broken any rules or are not being respectful to them, the island, or any other visitors. We do hope it will never come to that!


There will not be makeup sessions. If there is a disconnect you will have to try for another session that is posted. 

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