The stick in animal crossing has many uses, in the beginning of our game, this is a lifeline for us, it is our first ever mission for Tom Nook. We gather our sticks, and we light the very first fire on our island. That first mission has started many of us on a months-long journey of building, designing and curating the perfect virtual escape from a real world that we never thought we would experience in our lifetime.

For some of us, ACNH is just a game, and for others it has been an opportunity to connect with people all over the world, to remain social during social distancing and to be able to give gifts, throw parties and congregate when we aren’t able to do so in real life.

Here at The Lost Islands our members don’t get to see what we have going on behind the scenes. I felt like it was time to spotlight some of our team members and give our members a chance to know us a little better. Our team works really hard in the background so that you all have an opportunity to catalog and share events with us. We have 64 team members from all over the world, all with special roles and duties that make this experience possible. You may know we have our member discord that you are all welcomed to join, but we also have our HQ discord that we recruit and train our guides, we have admins and moderators, trainers, and teams for social media, website, discord, streaming and more.

It’s not all work in our discord though, we like to have fun too! It’s fun for us to grant wishes for you and do giveaways for you but we also have giveaways within our own server, and that is where “The Keeper of the Stick” was born.

Meet Sarah, Sarah is one of our Admins at The Lost Islands, and she is one of those people that can just light up any experience or conversation with her wit and humor. She has a powerful and fun presence and loves to create healthy competition within our group. Sarah motivates our guides to create more sessions, and most importantly she motivates our whole team to be creative and to try new things in our own personal games. Sarah is like the The Lost Islands Social Director! One day Sarah decided to create her own giveaway on our HQ discord, and because she is the goofball that she is, she put a giveaway up for 1 single stick. It was one of our top giveaways. Everyone wanted this stick.

The stick has now taken on it’s own personality around our discord. It is passed around each week to a new team member, and it goes on many adventures. Each week the “Keeper of the Stick” documents their adventures in photos and those photos are posted in our discord for all of us to enjoy and laugh at. We will be creating a Facebook Album of the Stick’s adventures for you to see too! I wanted to share some of these photos with you, but I also wanted to give a special tribute to Sarah who has found a way to make us all smile during some pretty uncertain times. I also wanted to remind everyone that sharing moments with each other, even if they are virtual, is so very important, not only in difficult times, but every day.

Be the stick that ignites the flame of creativity in others

Thank you Sarah, for the stick, but also for being the stick that ignites our flame, we love you!

What fun games have you created within ACNH? Let us know!

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