You may have realized we have a new island in our network! This island is called FunTime and it is quite different than our other islands. For those of you who have watched our streams (they can be found HERE), you know we love to have fun events and giveaways for our members. That is what inspired us to create FunTime Island! The island features several fun games that you visitors can play during our streams! Our hopes are to open these games up to our DISCORD members as well as all the awesome giveaways we have over there. Funtime is NOT a catalog island, it is simply a place for us to have fun in game! Funtime games and events are listed below, Please check our FACEBOOK page to find out when we have sessions available. All bookable sessions will be for a fishing tournament or Bug Off, in order to get in for the games you have to watch the stream!


  • Spin The Wheel
  • Tut Race
  • Grab Bag
  • Frog “Hop”stacle Course and Maze
  • Pitfall Race
  • DIY Frenzy


  • Fishing Tournament
  • Bugoff
  • Fashion and Runway Shows
Offline now but click for recordings